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Designer Content Pro


Designer Content Pro is a tool for designers and developers that lets you quickly and easily create your own blocktypes consisting of "repeating items". For example, let's say you have a nice javascript photo gallery and you want to enable your users to edit not only the images, but also title text, rich content captions, and clickable links that go to other pages in the site. Using Designer Content Pro's slick dashboard interface, you can build out the back-end editing interface in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, Designer Content Pro stays *completely* out of your way on the front-end! No untangling messy php code or default markup and styles -- just a nice clean template that makes all of the user-provided data available to your own markup.

Please note that at this time, Designer Content Pro creates blocktypes with repeating items only. For non-repeating items, you should continue to use the free Designer Content addon.

Designer Content Pro is made for people who care about the markup of their site, who don't like to compromise their design, and who demand that the addons they provide to their users are just as easy and intuitive as the rest of Concrete5. It's perfect for:

  • Photo galleries, slideshows, sliders, and carousels
  • Testimonials
  • Office locations
  • Social buttons
  • Employee Bios
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Advertisements
  • Stylized link lists
  • Generic spotlights
  • Display random item from a pool of user-provided data
  • And more!

Designer Content Pro is made and supported by Jordan Lev (creator of the incredibly popular Designer Content addon -- with over 100 5-star ratings, it is by FAR the most popular addon in the Concrete5 marketplace). As you would expect from Jordan, this addon is well-documented, easy to use, and most importantly keeps you in control of your markup!

See http://theblockery.com/designer-content-pro for answers to frequently asked questions and complete documentation.


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