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Great add-on! The structured data (on a page-attribute as well as global) was the key reason I purchased this bu…


This Add-On is written from the ground up to improve your concrete5 site’s SEO on A LOT of needed aspects. A lot of research has gone into studying what needs to be available SEO-wise in sites, what’s best-practice, what could be very useful and handy et cetera. With this Add-On, you will be able to optimize everything you need, to make your site search engine friendly with just a few clicks (and of course with writing some good content).

Awesome support
We all know support is important. Not everyone follows up on his/her promises with that though. I can guarantee you to have one-on-one email/forum support available within 1 to 48 hours (on weekdays and outside holidays). Weekends could take a bit more time, but hey, I may be able to get back to you within the hour. Take a look at reviews of my other Add-On(s) or help sections of my other Add-Ons to get confirmation on that.

Bug reports
Bug reports for Devoda SEO are welcomed in the ‘Get Help’ section. You can also use this as a support forum. I will handle them personally and with great care.

Technical concrete5 Search Engine Optimization
concrete5 is pretty good for SEO out-of-the-box, Devoda SEO just add just ‘a few’ tweaks here and there. This Add-On guides you to setup your site as best as possible. Click through all the available SEO pages and fill in what you think is needed. A lot of fields/questions are explained with a little text, so you know what it does or why it’s needed. Something not 100% clear to you? Let me know!

Meta & Link Elements
With the Devoda SEO Add-On you will be able to control which pages Google should show in its search results and which pages it shouldn’t show. By default it will be setup to index all of your pages in the search results and exclude some of the obvious pages upon installation (Page Not Found, Register, Login & Page Forbidden). It’s not very useful for a user to end up on the ‘Page Forbidden’ or ‘Page Not Found’ from the search results, right?

Concrete5 itself doesn’t show the alternate link of a page, when visiting the English page of ‘Contact’. Let’s say your site has 3 languages, Devoda SEO will then tell Google which language you are using on this specific page, so the search engine can serve that result to users searching in that language. It will also serve the alternates for it, for example the Spanish or French version of the contact page. This is done using hreflang tags. Hreflang tags’ goal is to serve the right content to the right users.

XML Sitemaps
Devoda SEO also ships with extra features for your XML sitemap. By default, concrete5 does not include (active) users. This Add-On will give you the option to include them though, and choose whether or not to include users without pages. If you haven’t created the sitemap.xml file, it will notify you and point you towards the correct link to generate it. This way you will be 100% sure you will doing the right thing and you won’t forget to generate it.

A sitemap can improve the crawling of your site, especially if your site is new, really large and/or has a large archive of content pages that are isolated or not well linked to each other. In most cases, your site will benefit from having a sitemap, and you’ll never be panelized for having one. So use that to your advantage.

Breadcrumbs are great for both users and search engines and will support the search engines in understanding the structure of your concrete5 site. You can use the built-in ‘Auto-Nav’ Block Type to generate the breadcrumbs trail. However, Devoda SEO will add a lot more functionalities using the special template ‘Devoda Seo breadcrumbs’. Being able to configure the separator used between breadcrumbs, set the anchor text for the homepage, set a prefix (like ‘You are here:’) and bold the last page makes this ultra-configurable. No more calling your developer to make changes, you are in control. You can even chose to have a different breadcrumb title for the active page, instead of displaying the page title. The possibilities are limitless really.

Edit your .htaccess and robots.txt files
Using the built-in file editor, you can edit your concrete5’s .htaccess and robots.txt files. This will grant you access to 2 very powerful files, from a SEO perspective, in your concrete5 install. Only edit these files when you know what you are doing, as you can ban yourself or others (robots) from accessing (parts of) the site.

Social integration
SEO and Social Media are heavily intertwined. That’s why this Add-On ships with (Facebook) Open Graph, Twitter and Google+ sharing tags implementation. You can configure titles, images & descriptions for all 3 and set a default image in case you don’t have images on every page. Also enter your Facebook App ID and Facebook Insights and Admins.

Import & Export functionality
Setting up this Add-On may take some of your time. I know this may even be a one-time-job and only change some social accounts/admins for every new site. That’s why you can import and export your settings. Just click a button to export and select the file to import. It’s really very simple and a real timesaver!

Devoda SEO Add-On in your language
Currently this Add-On has 2 translations that are 100% complete, which are English and Dutch. I do need help though to get this Add-On translated for other languages. So if you feel you are the one to translate it into German, French, Spanish, Japanese or whatever language, please contact me. Would be very much appreciated and you will be doing your clients a favor too (in case they’re not that good with the English language).

Structured Data
Google uses structured data that it finds on the web to understand the content of the page, as well as to gather information about the web and the world in general. In this Add-On, it's possible to input this data too! You can do this per page, but also structured data for your website in general. Possibilities are limitless.

Some SEO articles/pages
Within this Add-On, you will find some links towards articles/pages with more information about a little piece of configuration. Here are some of these links with a few extra ones, in case you want to take a look where information is to be found.

Devoda SEO is from the same developer as Block Designer, one of the most popular Add-Ons all time.

Current Version: 1.6.5
Fully Translatable: Yes
Needs External Libraries: No
License: Standard
Support Response: Replies to tickets every few days.
Support Hosted: On
Needs extra server permissions: No
Needs Internet: No
Marketplace Tests:
Passed Automated Tests
Passed PRB Review