DashboardSEOAdvanced (“Breadcrumbs” tab)

You can use the built-in ‘Auto-Nav’ Block Type to generate the breadcrumbs trail on a page. However, Devoda SEO will add a lot more functionalities using the special template ‘Devoda Seo breadcrumbs’.

Enable/disable breadcrumbs

You’ve added the Block Type on your page and thinking of temporarily disabling breadcrumbs? No problem, just flip the switch!

Default value:

Separator between breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs always have a separator between links/items. An example could be this:

Home > Contact

Or this:

Home | Contact

In the above examples, you see “>” and “|” as a separator. Feel free to use HTML too if you’d like, like “<i class="fa fa-angle-right"></i>” (an angle right icon from FontAwesome). Be sure to add spaces in front and after if need be.

Default value (mind a space in front and after):
 <i class="fa fa-angle-right"></i>

Anchor text for the Homepage

In most situations, you will be having a “Home” in front of the breadcrumbs. This is the link to the homepage (of either the site or language you’re visiting in). You can choose not to have this, by leaving this field empty. If you’re on the “Contact” page, it will only display that page title only. If you are visiting a page below “Contact” it will of course display the parent item too. Just the “Home” part will be left out.

Default value:
{{ translate {% {"line":"Home"} %} }}

Prefix for the breadcrumb path

“You are here: “ is one of the best examples for when this is needed. Enter anything you want to prefix the breadcrumb path with. You can leave this field empty to have no prefix at all.

Search Page breadcrumbs title

The defined search page (under “General Settings”, “Search” tab) is kind of a special page. You can search on that page with a phrase, and that search page may have pagination. I have this title setup to be multilingual and with correct paging displaying by default. Feel free to change to your likings.

Default value:
{{ translate {% {"line":"You searched for"} %} }} "{{ search_phrase }}"{{ page }}

Bold (strong) the last page

The last page seems important, right? So make it bold (strong) maybe? If you’re looking for other ways to style this last page, there’s a class name attached to the item called “active”. Contact your developer on how to implement that in your theme if need be.

Default value:

How to insert breadcrumbs in your theme

Add an 'Auto-Nav' block to the (global) area where you want it. Set Child Pages to 'Display breadcrumb trail.'. Save the block and click on the block again. Click on 'Design & Custom Template' in the menu that pops up. Click the settings icon and under 'Custom Template' select 'Breadcrumbs Devoda Seo'

In case you are using multiple languages within your site and want to have your breadcrumbs multilingual too, make sure you set 'Begin Auto Nav' to 'Beneath a particular page' and select the page of the language you are adding this block.