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Before 1.1.5

Review posted by edsaxmoore on at

Great SEO

If nothing more than taking all the concrete5 header code and putting it to the footer, this SEO is certainly worth it. I'm a fan.

1.1.5 -

Review posted by buurvrouw on at

Does what it has to do very well, also the support on the add-on is excellent

This add-on is a great add-on to have all SEO options in your hands from within your dashboard. You can even edit robots.txt and .htaccess from there. Loads of options plus extra information links.

Also the developer serves excellent support. I wanted my page thumbnail to be the standard og:image. He helped me change all the lines needed in my theme package to get it working.


1.3.0 -

Review posted by baysmedia on at

Great and easy to use

Great add-on!

The structured data (on a page-attribute as well as global) was the key reason I purchased this but then found so many other nice little pieces of functionality that I really think this is a requirement for any C5 website with an SEO agenda.

Support has been extremely fast (even for problems that are with the C5 core and not directly with the add-on itself) so I can't ask for much more in this regard.

I'm just scratching the surface of this add-on and it's already become a must-have for each C5 project I commission here-forth.
Response by ramonleenders on at
Structured data (in the way provided now) is a powerful part that got added not that long ago, as a request of another user. So use Devoda SEO inside out and let me know whenever you have any more things to ask/tell about it!

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