The Document Library lets you share a list of files, and optionally allow others to contribute.

There are three tabs of settings

  • Sources - Defines which files to show

  • Header - Formats the header & search area

  • Results - Formats the rows in the table of results.

Sources Options

“File set” lets you pick one or more sets from the file manager to limit results by.

“Files must be” chooses if files returned must be in just one or in all of the selected sets.

“Filter by tag” lets you only return files with a matching string in the tag attribute.

Audience Contribution allows people visiting the page to upload files.

“Enable Uploads” turns it on at all.

“Enable File Property Editing” throws the file properties window from the file manager up after upload for more metadata to be entered.

“Only show files owned by current logged-in user” would limit the results to only files this user owns. This setting is handy if you want to show a customer that their files made it after upload in a dropbox type setting.

“Add uploaded files to set” picks the file set to stick all uploaded files in.

Note: to make audience contribution work you will have to allow the appropiate groups access to the add file and view file permissions from the File Manager Permissions in the dashboard. You may also need to turn on edit file properties.

Header Options

“Enable search” adds a search with advanced filter options above the table. Turning it on allows you to limit the options shown in the filter UI.

“Sort By” is the default sort of files. Depending on settings in results the visitor can change sort order.

“Design” lets you pick different color formatting for the header row of the table.

Results Options

“Table name and description” are just text displayed above the table.

“Items per page” limits the results in a single page, if more results are available a paging interface will appear automatically.

“Download File Method” tries to influence the browser to display attachments in the window instead of downloading the file.

“Height Mode” lets you limit the height of the container div causing a scrollbar to appear within the page

Properties to Display

Items set to display or display & sortable will be listed as columns in the table.

“Thumbnail settings” in pixels will limit the size of an automatically generated thumbnail of pictures shown on each row.

Expandable Properties

Items checked here will be displayed in an in-line expandable section for each row activated by the “details” link.

“Table Striping” puts a background color on alternating rows to make the table easier to read.

Note: Currently you may only place one Document Library instance on a page.