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Review posted by kspitzley on at

Works well, no hiccups.

Great add-on, works seamlessly, very useful as an internal document library as well as a list of docs and images.

I think a few additions could really make this really worth the $45 price tag (which is awesomely down from the $105 price it was at in 5.6). It could be a little more robust (suggestions in order of importance):

1. a filter by file sets in addition to the keyword search

2. the ability to show all file sets *except* selected file sets so a site admin doesn't need to go in and add a file set to the library every time a new file set is added

3. a way of forcing the user to input a good file title and select at least one set (without requiring this on a free-for-all upload, you end up with a messy file system)

Those 3 items would really, really set this add on apart and make it a go-to for basic file management.

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