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Review posted by clovisusd on at

Powerful add-on, works better than advertised

Adding files by sets, search-ability, sortable fields, zebra-striped rows for readability . . .what more would you want? Oh, you want more . . .how about the support of the Concrete5 team if you run into any problems? If I could give it 10 stars, I would but it only allows for 5.
Review posted by tallacman on at

Worth every cent

Works wonderfully. Allows file access controlled by group or user group.

I would like to see a template that just includes the code and no styles. I stripped out all the styling and wrote my own to match the site. It was simple and gave me perfect control of colors and spacing.
Review posted by pmlmedia on at

Document Library - good extension to the core file manager

This works well at tabulating data stored in file manager. I had to edit the global 'allowed file types' in 'Permissions and Settings' to be able to upload certain file types (.zip and .pub files) but it is a clean and simple way of presenting files. I gave it 4 stars rather than 5 because I expected my users to be able to delete/re-upload files direct from the front end, i.e without going into file manager.
Review posted by VidalThemes on at

Nice add-on

I was looking for a simple way to provide some downloadable freebies on my site, this add-on fitted the bill nicely.
Review posted by Flora on at

solves our client requirement

Our client has lots of files that were previously a boring list of html links on their old site. This add-on has allowed us to display the files neatly and also allows them to add to the lists easily from the file manager rather than going to edit a page.
Review posted by clintre on at

Life saver

Current project I am working on has all kind of requirements around documentation, this takes care of about all of them.
Review posted by TooqInc on at

Client loves this

This add-on, along with advanced permissions made a huge impression on our client. They wanted "Dropbox" functionality on their site for client documents and this made it easy to deliver.

Will certainly use this one for future projects.
Review posted by SpencerC on at

Super Helpful and Flexible

The Document Library has made it really easy to build an intranet that has several forms libraries managed by several departments. The price may seem a bit expensive, but to make something as user friendly and customizable would cost much more if one were to pay a programmer. It's rated as intermediate, but as a Concrete5 beginner with very little programming knowledge (not needed for this anyway), I found it beginnerish. If you have only one document library to manage and it's small, not sure I would pay the price, but for a single large library or several small ones it's essential.
Review posted by bsmith3 on at

Fantastic Add-On

This is a great tool! There are a great deal of options to customize the block's look and great filtering options for the files it displays. It's very well thought out. I'm glad I didn't have to build something like this myself. The support for this add-on is really good too.
Review posted by jstrong on at

Wonderful Addition

Don't let the price scare you, it is well worth the money. It does as advertised and being a c5-authored package, integration is smooth.

I am a developer, and the amount of time it would take me to write this for my client definitely weighs heavier than $100. Nice work. -J
Review posted by oxfordshireloc on at

Great add-on.

Nice piece of kit for my Website.
Seen a lot of comments about price floating around the forums, all I can say is for less than $100.00 I have a fully functioning website with an interactive calender, discussion forums and document library. For someone with no coding experience its worth every penny.
Review posted by cricketw on at

It should be part of the CORE package

I'm glad that this exists because it's pretty good. I'm going to buy it because I can't imagine not utilizing something like this. But, that being said, respectable document management functions should be a given. It IS a CMS after all. "Content management"(a la files/docs) is in the name.
Review posted by frz on at

pretty useful

does exactly what you need for a intranet or extranet list of files. nice set based cross searching and whatnot

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