Block Documentation

Using the Add-on

This add-on uses file sets as a way to show your various files/documents on the front end of your site for your users.

To use this add-on simply:

  1. Create a 'file set' and add your files/documents to this file set
  2. Add the 'Documents' block to your page
  3. Select your file set from the 'drop down' menu
  4. Select your template; 'Table', 'List' or 'Basic'
  5. Choose which 'options' you wish to display
  6. Change any 'colors' to match your brand (optional)
  7. 'Save'

Configurable Options

Turn on/off

  • Set Title
  • Thumbnail
  • Title
  • Description
  • Owner
  • Date
  • File Size
  • File Type
  • Button
  • Sorting - table view only
  • Striping - table view only


Color Customize

  • Title Color
  • Description Color
  • Meta Color
  • Button Color
  • Background Color