Domain Mapper

Domain mapper for concrete5 version 7 will map any domain to any page on your site! We've added some exciting new functionality that didn't exist in the previous versions:

  • Changes site links to reflect the proper domain 
    Domain mapper will now manage updating your site links to your mapped domains! 
  • Strips the base path from your mapped domains
    Domains mapped no longer need to have mapped path included! 



  1. Navigating to the old url for a page will redirect you to the new domain
  2. Mapped paths are not included in the mapped domains. If "" is mapped to "/about/careers", navigating to "" will show you the "/about/careers" page!
  3. Links and URL's that aren't hard coded will automatically be updated to reflect your new domain


Example 1

Say we have a default concrete5 install with a "blogs" section located at "/blogs" but we want to serve it from a "blogs" subdomain, all we have to do is add a new mapped domain "" type that domain and select the "blogs" page. 

What once was "" is now ""!


Example 2

You have careers section in your site at "" but you want all traffic to go through your highly secured HTTPS "" domain. Navigate to the domains dashboard page and add a new mapped domain with the domain "" then select the "/team/about/careers" page using the page selector. That's it!