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Review posted by siavash on at

Nice addon

Very usefull addon if you want to use single concrete install on multiple domains. It would be very usefull if documentation of this addon were up to date. This addon works with Concrete5.8+ too.
Review posted by skau61 on at

works like a charme

We have 4 different hospitals on one site, and are running c5 ver 8.10
This addon resolved a critical task and let us expose simple links to our Patients
Very nice, very fast
Review posted by dmurphy on at

My favorite addon

We recently launched a new website for our school district, which has four elementary schools and two secondary schools, using concrete5. This addon allowed us to easily give a unique URL to each school by simply setting up a basic map in concrete5 and a CNAME record for each with our host. I was amazed at how simple things were! The developer is also super helpful and quick to respond. Highly recommend Domain Mapper.
Review posted by frz on at

Works great

Did what we needed it to for our client.

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