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Review posted by scdesign on at

Great add-on

You get what you pay for! This add-on is what and needed and looks good. The only issue was that it's a shame that it doesn't display the title of the set that it is displaying. Apart from that it was easy to use and very easy to implement. Good work! Highly recommend.
Review posted by herrherrmann on at

Nice and (maybe too) simple

I like this add-on very much although I am disappointed that I have to buy an add-on in order to show a very basic download list on my concrete5 website.

That one does the job but there are nearly no easy possibilities to tweak it, you'll have to create a block template and use file attributes and php in order to customize the look of your downloads. I'd like to have some templates included by default just to show the possibilities of the add-on and enhance its purpose.

Also the way the add-on stores the amount of downloads does not seem to be very useful since I am not able to transfer my download statistics from the old site to the new concrete5 site that way. And there's no answer in the support forums ...
Review posted by bsnnet on at

Very nice add-on!

Easy to list up our catalog files and support Japanese characters as logical filename. It's better I can control sort order with custom position.
Review posted by digirunt on at

Very nice and easy to customise

Very useful add-on and easy to customise, I tweaked mine and added file-type icons based on the selected file-type and used a js toggle to display/hide the list when the list header is clicked.
Multiple lists can be easily added to a page and users permissions can be used to show certain downloads to certain viewers.
Review posted by tallacman on at

Very Good Addition to my Site

Easy to install and style. I created a custom template to handle pdf's easily. I had previously used the File Block to add press releases to my site but this block makes it easier to style. In my custom style I changed "Filename" to "Press Release Title" and added a pdf class to the 'foreach' loop in the view.php file. A separate css file in the packages/swp_downloads_list/css folder allows easy overrides of styles without editing the php files.

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