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Easy Accordion


Easy Accordion uses the power of concrete5's Layout Feature to create elegant Accordion style layouts for your content.

Setup is simple and intuitive. You can select to have all tabs closed or choose one to have open on page load. Each tab will close when click or when another is opened. You can choose also to disable one or several tab(s). Id one tab is disable you cant't click on and your mouse cursor stay at default statut.

Set up instructions:

  • Click on an editable area.
  • Choose "Add Layout" from the dropdown list.
  • Create a layout 1 column wide by however many tabs you need.
  • Insert your content using any concrete5 blocks you have installed.
  • Install the Easy Accordion block anywhere in your new layout. It will automatically find your content cells and allow you to name them whatever you want. You have the option of having one open on page load if desired.


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Sales have ended due to EOL

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