Version History

1.4.1 - Fix a PHP7 issue

1.4- Fix compatibility for 5.8

1.3.1 - Fix multiple tags issue.

1.3- Improvement of fileset management.

* Now fileset are always up to date with the fileset in file-manager

* You can now remove Fileset from the gallery.

* Multiple fileset + images management in the same gallery

* Fileset images are wrapped in a color with the fileset name.

- Add a link to images.

* Add page-picker attribute

* Add 3 attribute to files : link-type, link-to-page, link-to-url

* Manage links on each image from the edit or in properties of the file

1.2- Change the type test to numeric : if(file.generic_type == '1') to multilingual site

1.1.9- Compatibility for C5.7.5+

1.1.8- Update for better w3c validation

1.1.7- Securize for gallery that haven’t images and for files that doesn’t exist anymore

- Add Lightbox navigation.

1.1.6- Fixin the install error with Uppercase in AttributeKeys

1.1.5- Correcting image_tags in image_tag in controller.

1.1.4- Attribute is now visible in file properties

1.1.3 - Fix the name of the helper

1.1.2 - Fix the issue on install by adding the MCL Installer

1.1- Change lightbox to fancybox

- add some lightbox options

1.0.1- Repacked without some javascript files

1.0- Ready to marketplace

0.9.1- Remove Lencence.txt  / add Changelog.txt