To add a gallery to a page

  1. Drop the Easy gallery into a area of your page
  2. Once added you will see a option bar and a big square below with two button on the center
  3. Click on the left button to add a file from your computer OR click on the right buttton to add a image from the filemanager
  4. You can also select a Fileset by clicking on the left button of the option bar and selecting the fileset you want.
  5. One image displayed, you can edit title or Description or other file properties
  6. Repeat actions from 3 to add how much file you want.
  7. Click on save Gallery to exit edit mode of the gallery and saving.

1 - Drop the addon 

Add Addon to a page

File Manager Button



Advanced otpions

Adanced options


  • Lightbox (Choose between a normal or a full screen lightbox)
  • Number of Columns (From 2 to 6)
  • Display Title in Gallery   Yes   No (On some Templates)
  • Display Description in Gallery   Yes   No (On some Templates)
  • Display Title in Lightbox   Yes   No
  • Display Description in Lightbox (Only with full screen)   Yes   No
  • Preload full image   Yes   No