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eCommerce Affiliate/Campaign/Shopping Cart Tracking

eCommerce Affiliate/Advertising Campaign and Cart Tracking

This package requires eCommerce to be installed, and requires eCommerce version 1.5 or later for best resuits.

This package is not compatible for ecommerce versions 2.0 and higher, a fix is pending but I am swamped with other projects.

eCommerce Affiliates provides you with the tools needed to better understand your ecommerce site.  

This package was designed to help track conversions of affilates or advertising campaigns and help understand where people are leaving your checkout process. 

Please Note: This package is marked as safe, but complex to configure due to the getVar tracking, which is entirely optional.

All shopping cart abandonments are tracked, right out of the box, right after installation.

See an example of this here

The affiliate tracking code is based on a get_variable, as in yoursite.com/?var=GOOG, or something similar. You can optionally assign these to affiliate accounts that you create in the dashboard, which may or may not be associated with a user, that is up to you.

If you have a tracking code assigned to an account, you may specify either a per order flat rate of earnings or a percentage earnings, or you can leave the earnings blank.  If you leave the earnings blank, you can track how many sales are made via a tracking code, which is great if you want to track just how effective an adsense campaign is, or if you buy some display advertising somewhere and you want to see the ROI.

Accounts also accrue earnings, and there is UI to keep track of account balances and debits. This isn't quickbooks, but this does provide rudimentary accounting that you can reference at a glance.

Shopping Cart Tracking

Shopping cart tracking is an incredibly useful tool, people make careers out of optimizing checkout flow and cart layout.  This package tracks all orders that haven't been completed, how long ago the last activity was, and the last action taken by the user. This will help you determine exactly where you are losing your customers in your checkout process so you can act immediately to improve the experience.

Uncompleted shopping sessions are a great indicator of your payment merchant provider being out, something wonky in your checkout process, your shipping calculator is broken, or your site encountered an error.

Every step of the process is logged(even custom steps) and at each part of the way, if the email address is entered by the user, that is also captured, and often the entire order is also captured.

If your user was not able to complete their purchase for any reason, you now have a way to contact them and help them complete their transaction.

I look forward to providing additional functionality as requested/warranted.


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