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eCommerce - E-go


eCommerce E-go is a shipping method add-on for Concrete5 and the Concrete5 eCommerce add-on. It calculates shipping costs based on the E-go Calculator API ( see http://www.e-go.com.au/infopage.do?page=calculator ).

  • If a product does not have a weight, length and width specified then this add-on inserts configurable default values instead.  
  • Package types (e.g. Carton, Tube, Pallet, etc) can be specified per product using a "ego_type" product select attribute, and with a default type definable in the settings.  See documentation page for further instructions.
  • A configurable markup - specified as either a percentage (e.g. 10%) or a flat amount (10.00) can be applied to all shipping rate calculations before displaying rates to the customer
  • Product dimensions and weights can be in any units, the add-on will convert automatically to calculate in cm and kilograms as required by E-go
  • Estimated delivery times for each delivery option are displayed to the customer

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