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eCommerce Import

eCommerce Import is an add-on for Concrete5 and the Concrete5 eCommerce add-on. It adds the ability to quickly and easily import from as few as one to as many as thousands of products, orders, customer, users, and pages.  If you are setting up or managing an eCommerce web site and using Concrete5 and the eCommerce add-on then this add-on can save you many hours of tedious and error prone data entry time.

eCommerce Import uses XML files (examples) to generate several different types of Concrete5 objects.  Rather than manually uploading images, entering values into dozens of fields, and clicking the mouse over and over for each product, you just generate a simple XML file in an easy to understand format and import it into Concrete5 - eCommerce Import does all of the tedious work for you.  If you need to migrate data from a legacy website or even update existing products, eCommerce Import can save you many hours of work and quickly pay for itself in the process.

The following objects can be imported with eCommerce Import:

  • Products - creates or updates products using all of the standard eCommerce product fields including tiered pricing, images, custom product attributes, product options (a.k.a.  customer choices) and product sets.
  • Orders - imports orders including the customer information, product information, payment method, and shipping and tax information.
  • Customers - imports customer billing and shipping information, creates a user record and can assign to a group.
  • Users - imports username, email address and password and can assign to a group.*
  • Pages - imports pages using any page type and can include optional HTML content.*

eCommerce Import now includes a sample script for converting comma separated value (CSV) files with product data to XML format.  The script can be modified with trivial changes to support other eCommerce import data types as well.  An online version of the script is also available (script).

Do you have several hundred old products you need to retire from your catalog?  eCommerce Import can now be used to delete products quickly.  Just create an XML file with the products you want to delete (or use an existing import XML file) and upload.  eCommerce Import will delete all of the products identified in the file in one simple step.

eCommerce Import's integrated help information, XML examples, and detailed error handling help you make importing as painless as possible.  If you still need additional help, data conversion services are available.  Please contact us for a quote.

Note: eCommerce Import was designed to be used with the core eCommerce add-on, but the page and user import features can be used without eCommerce.


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