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eCommerce Regional Shipping

Ready for 5.5!

This add-on helps you in these use cases:

  • "I have a store and I'm shipping my products worldwide. I want to automatically charge different amount for shipping to
    • US (e.g. $10)
    • North America (e.g. $15)
    • Rest of the world (e.g. $25)"
  • "I'm shipping my products to multiple countries and I need to provide automatically these shipping methods for different regions:
    • US: Express ($15), Basic ($7.50)
    • Canada: Express ($25), Basic ($12.50)
    • Europe: Basic ($20)
    • I don't want to offer shipping to other regions than the ones specified above"

The biggest reason for you to select this add-on is that it automatically searches the correct shipping methods with your customers' shipping details. If only one matching shipping region is found, it will be automatically selected as the shipping method and added to the order.

So, if you're shipping your products worldwide or to multiple countries with different rates, this is the right add-on for you. The add-on will automatically match the regions to the customer's shipping address based on which it will either

  • a) automatically choose the correct shipping method for the region if only one shipping method is available for the region OR
  • b) provide a list of shipping methods for the customer's region if there are multiple defined and let the user decide which shipping method they want to use

Setting up the region areas

For the system to be able to match the region areas, for each shipping region/region method you can provide the following matching criteria:

  • Country
  • State/Province
  • Postal Code

These will be matched to the customer's shipping address as follows:

  • Most exact matches with country, state/province and postal code,
  • if none found, matching will be done against country and state/province
  • if none found, matching will be done against country and postal code
  • if none found, matching will be done against country
  • if none found, default shipping region will be used if site admin has defined the default region to be used
  • if default region is not used, no shipping methods will be provided for the customer


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