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eCommerce 2 Mailchimp

On average, 92% of your customers will never come back to your online store and buy more from you.

To make things even worse it will cost you 5 times more to find and convince new customers than to satisfy and retain current ones. And, final nail in the coffin, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times the value of one time buyers.

In plain language:
you are putting in 5 times the effort
to get 1/10th of the potential revenue
And that happens 92% of the time.

Without customer loyalty and their return business, you are left pushing the boulder up the hill every single time, sweating tears and blood for a tiny fraction of your potential earnings. All the while knowing full well that, once there, the boulder will roll down the hill again.

It doesn't have to be like that

After all, customer loyalty is a well-known and well-documented behavior and to make buyers come back you have to make them. Don't expect them to find reasons to do so on their own. That's your job. Even if your products are the best in the world. It's the same whether you're a small store or a big one. Big players like Amazon, Zappos, or Barnes & Noble all have programs in place to ensure repeat business.

I am sure you know what I'm talking about. Have you ever bought a book from Amazon? Remember all those emails they sent you afterward, offering you other books on the same topic or related products? Sometimes even special offers? Next time you buy a gardening book, don't be surprised if you receive an email offering you seasonal flower seeds.

Email Marketing

Those are not random emails; they are what is known as “targeted emails”. Emails with offers tailored to your taste. Those emails are based on past buyer behavior so the more you buy, the more they know what you like and the better targeted those emails get. And of course, the harder they are to resist.

Well, if they can do it why not you? There's no wizardry here, no dark secret of huge corporations. it's just a matter of feeding the data you already have to a system that allows you to keep in touch with your customers. And automatically, of course. nobody wants you to do that by hand.

Here's how it works

  • You sell your stuff through the core e-commerce add-on
  • You sign up for an account on MailChimp (the best mailing system if you ask me but more on that later)
  • When a buyer buys anything she is added to a list in Mailchimp along with all her buying data (products bought, amounts spent, dates…)
  • You set emails in MailChimp to be sent automatically depending on certain triggers (products bought, amounts spent, season…)
  • Any time one of the triggers is activated, the email is sent
  • Hopefully whatever you are sending (special offer, up-sell, cross-sell...) is compelling enough that she comes back and buys some more

So, Why Mailchimp?

Simple: although there are lots of excellent mailing systems out there, Mailchimp is best because it is the only one allowing for that much e-commerce data to be collected and used as triggers for mailing campaigns. It even has a product recommendation feature that will analyze your data for you. And, if you want it, it will automatically make product recommendations for each customer. Did I mention It is also very user-friendly and has a great reputation?

A Few Possible Scenarios

Imagine: a customer just bought a skirt from your store. A week later she receives an email promoting a beautiful blouse that would look just lovely with the skirt. And she buys it.

How about if all your customers who didn't buy anything for the last 6 months received an email telling them about a special offer exclusively for them?

Say your customer bought a new camera from your store. Instantly he receives an email explaining in details the best ways to never miss a shot. For free. Courtesy of You to your Valued Customer.

You will be able to send the right emails to the right customers at the right time based on data-driven segmentation and automatic triggers.

You will be able to deploy powerful email marketing campaigns like:

  • Send information teaching users how to use your product
  • Send promotional messages with the right offer to the right customers
  • Send automatic messages to buyers who haven't shopped in a while
  • Send offers to customers based on their billing or shipping data (e.g. city)
  • Promote your top-selling items
  • Cross-sell accessories and upgrades to existing customers
  • Reward your best customers with “VIP” special offers

This is where I'm supposed to give you some legal Mambo-Jambo in tiny characters but I do things differently so here it is in plain easy-to-read English.

The data I quote is from serious surveys that you can check here, here, and here. The higher value of a loyal customer is also common knowledge among businesses everywhere.

eCommerce 2 Mailchimp for Concrete5 is a serious tool that allows you to use the same tactics and strategies big players use, and to increase your customers’ lifetime value the way they do.

However, no matter how much this tool can do for you, you still have to put in the work and make your offer enticing to your customers.

As a result, no success or results of any kind are guaranteed or implied in any way, shape, or form.

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