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eCommerce - UPS Shipping

PLEASE NOTE: This add-on is no longer actively supported. Support requests to the Marketplace support forum may or may not be answered.

The UPS Shipping Module is an add-on module for the Concrete5 eCommerce addon that allows you to retrieve shipping rates and service information for UPS shipping worldwide. The module supports the following features:

  • support for most UPS shipping services
  • support for most UPS recognized packaging types
  • support for most UPS recognized pickup types
  • shipping from one location
  • shipping to select countries
  • address validation
  • shipping based on shipment weight or package size (package size US only)
  • Free Shipping discounts
  • testing mode

When shipping by package size, the UPS Shipping Module allows you enter the size of your largest package and will then attempt to pack items into the fewest number of boxes to compute the lowest shipping price. The package fit algorithm uses a conservative method for estimating the number and sizes of items that will fit in a box.  Space is allowed in each box for package materials.

Note: This addon requires the eCommerce addon.  Please make sure you have the latest version installed. This addon also requires a free account with UPS. Installation instructions, information about setting up your UPS account, and other tips are included in a readme.txt file included with the package.


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