The following concepts are demonstrated in the add-on's demo video, watching this video is recommended.

Initial Setup
  1. After installing the eCommerce with Snipcart add-on, install the eCommerce with Snipcart - Memberships add-on.
  2. Visit within the Dashboard: Snipcart->Membership Configuration page
  3. Copy the webhook URL displayed
  4. Visit Snipcart's Dashboard, visit the Setting tab, Webhooks, and enter the Webhook URL you copied in the previous step.
  5. Still within Snipcart's Dashboard, visit the Chekout & Cart tab, and within the Cart Configuration section, check Allow Guests Only.

Creating a Membeship / Protected area

Create one or more pages on your website to hold your protected content. Create new user groups and use concrete5's permissions system to restrict access to such pages and resources.

Setting up a membership product

Add a Snipcart product block, with the following options: 

  • Shippable Product - No
  • Maximum Cart Quantity - 1
  • Allow Quantity Changes - no

Return to the Snipcart->Membership Configuration page within the Dashboard.

Add a product to the Membership Products list, entering it it's product ID (the first field entered when adding a Snipcart product block) and selecting what user groups to add the new user to.

Finally, within the Membership Configuration page, select the 'landing' page for new members/users - on purchase of one or more membership products customers will be redirected to this page.  

Going live

When going live, it is recommended to run your website through https. When switching this over, remember to update the Webhook URL within Snipcart's dashboard to be https as well.