Block Details

Snipcart Product Block

Most fields within the Snipcart Product block should be self-explainatory. Of note however:

Stock Tracking - the Limit Stock and Current Stock Level fields are directly linked to the SKU / Product ID used are not versioned with the block. As soon as a block is saved, it will update the current stock level across your site, regardless of the approval status of the page.

If you change the SKU, these options will automatically change accordingly. You may have multiple blocks with the same SKU - they will share these values. The stocks levels and settings can also be updated via the Stock Levels and Tracking page under Snipcart in the Dashboard

Custom Fields - this section is used to enable additional entry fields within the Snipcart checkout screens. The Option List field type can be used to adjust the price of an item.

Alternative Pricing - one discount code option available causes Snipcart to refer to alternative price lists. The alternative price list is used to look up a different price when a certain discount code is used.

For example, you may have a VIP discount code. When this code is entered, instead of using the default price, it causes the alternative price defined as 'vip' in products to be used instead.

Button Style/Class - this adjusts the applied class to the button link. On install, a series of classes are added to a list of classes within the Appearance and Labeling page under Snipcart in the Dashboard. These values are useful for Bootstrap based themes, but you may change them within the Dashboard to any list of classes you wish.

Display Options

Note that you can simply turn off the display of all outputs, leaving only the Add To Cart button visible on the block - this allows you to use any content and page layout you need to describe your product, leaving the Snipcart Product block only responsible for outputting a button.


Snipcart Cart Block

Again the fields of this block should be mainly self-explainatory.

It is most likely that you will want to place a Snipcart Cart block into a Global Area so it is available across your site.

Like the Snipcart Product block, the Button Style/Class option can be used to apply a class to the cart button. This shares the same list of classes as the product block option.