Dashboard pages

Snipcart Configuration

Order Complete Page - by default, when orders are completed Snipcart will simply display the completed order information on the screen (within the Snipcart dialog). If instead you wish to automatically direct a customer to a particular page after ordering, you can set this page with this option.

The currency you accept payment in is selected within Snipcart's settings. However, for display purposes, you can configure a currency prefix and suffix. For example, you may wish to specify Australian dollars by entering AUD in the Currency Suffix field. The Product Block

Stock Levels and Tracking

Within this page you can enable Stock Tracking for your shop, as well as update the stock levels for all products.

This page will show all unique SKUs used throughout your site. If you no longer sell a product, you can select to 'Remove it from stock management' - this removes it from this list and effectively sets it to unlimited.

If the product is added again or set to limit stock, it will reappear within this list.

Order Custom Fields

Order custom fields are similar to the custom fields added to products, but are for orders overall. When enabled, an additional screen will be added to the Snipcart checkout process.

These fields are useful for adding fields such as 'Special Delivery Instructions' for selecting a free gift, etc. These fields do not adjust the overall price of an order.

Appearance and Labeling

CSS Overrides - this field can be used to easily add additional styling to your site, specifically for styling the Snipcart cart and checkout screens.

For example, you may with to hide the 'Powered and Secured By Snipcart' footer by using:

#snipcart-footer {
    display: none;

The header can be changed in colour by using:

#snipcart-header {
    background: none;
   background-color: blue;

Nearly all elements of the Snipcart dialog have classes and IDs suitable for styling.

Available Button Classes - this list is used by both blocks in the Button Style/Class list. You may edit this list to allow the selecting of your own classes.

Product Button Icon Class(es), Product Button Disable Icon Class(es), Cart Icon Class(es) - these three fields are used to specify the classes used on the respective icons. The icons can be disabled at the block level, or can be removed globally by clearing these fields.

By default appropriate Font Awesome icons are configured. 

Cart Extra Content - if you wish to add some text to the bottom of Snipcart's cart dialog, you can enter this content here. It will appear on all screens of the cart/checkout. By default this content is unstyled: you can use the CSS Overrides section to create styles for the class .custom-snipcart-footer-text, .e.g:

.custom-snipcart-footer-text   {
    padding: 10px !important;


Localization Overrides

Snipcart's checkout screens will automatically be localised to match the locale of your site. This is determined automatically by the lang attribute on your site's HTML tag.

Themes such as Elemental will automatically output the currently set language for your concrete5 site.

Snipcart provides localized versions of the cart in several common languages such as French, Spanish, German, Italian. (a full list of supported languages is available on github for refence)

However, if you wish to customise the text shown in the cart you can use a localisation override.

For example, if you wish to change the 'Continue Shopping' button on the cart to show 'Return to Site' instead, you could enter:

en  /  continue_shopping / Return to Site

This will override the text. A full list of resource handles can be referenced on github.