Initial Setup

Create an account at

  1. Log into the Dashboard of Snipcart and:
  2. Ensure you are in Test mode
  3. Under Settings->General, enter in the domain of your website, selecting http or https to match
  4. Complete any other details, such as your Business Information, set up any needed Tax Rates, enabled countries, etc
  5. If you are planning to sell shipable good, enable Shipping within the Carriers Section
  6. Under the Account section, find and copy your Test API Key.
  7. Within your concrete5 install, visit the Configuration page under Snipcart in the Dashboard
  8. Paste in your Test API Key into the Test Key field, ensure your the Shop Mode is set to Testing and press Save
  9. At this point you can add product and cart blocks and complete test transactions. Test transactions will appear within the Test section of the Snipcart Dashboard.
Note: to complete successfully complete transactions your site must be accessible on the web. Snipcart verifies product details by accessing the site during the checkout transaction and will prevent a transaction from completing if it cannot reach your site. You must also ensure you complete step 3 above, either entering your domain 'Default website domain' section or adding it as a list into the list of 'Allowed domains & subdomains' for test (and real) transations to complete successfully.
You can still use permissions to completely hide your site, including product and cart blocks, but the domain that the site is running on must be viewable. 
To enable stock control / order callback (optional)
  1. Vist the Stock Levels and Tracking page under Snipcart in the Dashboard
  2. Change Stock Tracking to Enabled
  3. Copy the URL presented in the information box
  4. Within Snipcart's Dashboard, visit the Webhooks section under Settings
  5. Paste in the copied URL into the field and press Save
  6. At this point you can enable stock tracking on products, with placed order reducing stock levels