This plug-in is compatible with Concrete 9 and Snipcart ecommerce platform !

I would have given a six stars if possible. It works perfectly, this is probably the best vendor on the website.

I initially ran into an issue with compatibility running this combination:
- Concrete 9.2.0
- Snipcart 2.2.0 failed --> test passed with 2.2.1
- 2023
- Running on PHP 8
- MariaDB

The developer mesuva was so kind to respond immediately and fixed PHP 8 issues found within hours! Let me repeat, within hours!

The test was successful and I have run through these steps:
- assign the license to the website
- downloaded through Extend Concrete
- installed
- added a product to the page
- changed to Europe and the right currency (settings)
- finished test purchase
- opened Snipcard dashboard (link under Snipcard in concrete)
- test purchase was successful and the invoice in the mailbox and in Snipcard
- prior configs still worked and are fully checked now

I hope this is of value to others seeking an e-commerce solution on Concrete 9.

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