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Encrypted E-Mail Address


Encrypted E-Mail Address for Concrete5 allows you to publish e-mail addresses on your site without them being visible in the page source (mark-up). Both server- and client-side scripting work together to provide protection from e-mail address harvesters, thereby giving you peace of mind and affording visitors the convenience of simply clicking a link and using their preferred mail program to compose a message.

Behind the scenes

This package contains 2 components. The first is a standard Concrete5 block with a simple user interface allowing for one-off placement of encrypted addresses on any page. No special knowledge is required to use the block. The second component is a developer API which allows theme and add-on developers to take advantage of the same strong encryption algorithm with a simple method call from PHP code. Some knowledge of PHP and Concrete5 development is desirable to use the API.

Bundle PricingNew In Version 1.1

  • User Look-up of E-Mail Address - This option links the block to the email address of a user in your Concrete5 database.
  • JavaScript Location Agnostic - The code has been refactored to work regardless of where the JavaScript is located within the page source - even if the JavaScript is loaded at the end of the HTML document (often done to improve page load performance). (Please note that this functionality makes use of jQuery, but if you're not using jQuery on your site, you can easily resort to the original functionality which does not require jQuery.) 
  • Minor UI Changes - The block has been slightly redesigned for an improved layout.

Features + Benefits

  • Direct entry or user look-up of address
  • Encryption performed server-side
  • New random encryption key generated with each request
  • Strong encryption algorithm developed in a university setting
  • Simple interface with live active preview
  • Option to display the address as "plain text" or a hyperlink
  • Customize appearance using CSS and/or Concrete5 templates
  • Developer API for easy integration into add-ons and themes

User Interface

Simply enter the address to encrypt, or alternatively, enter the user name of someone in your Concrete5 user database. With the latter (look-up) approach, the email address will always reflect the address currently stored for that user. If the email address in the user's account is changed, the new address is automatically displayed by the block. Optionally make the address a link and specify the default subject and body for the message. Provide some context for additional customization. The preview updates as you type. Just click the preview link to test.

Encrypted E-mail Address block UI

Developer API

For additional flexibility, an API is provided for add-on and theme developers. Encrypting an address programmatically is a simple matter of instantiating a class and passing in the address.

$js = 'eea.min.js';

$addr = 'address@domain.com';

$pkgHdl = 'pmw_encrypted_email_address';


// Include the required JavaScript

$hh = Loader::helper('html');



// Load the required PHP class



// Output the encrypted address

echo new PmwEncryptedEmailAddress($addr);


// Additional options can also be specified

$opts = array(

'isLink'=> 1,

'subj'=> 'Web Inquiry',

'body'=> 'Details of inquiry...',

'text'=> 'contact us',

'attr'=> 'title="Send message"'


echo new PmwEncryptedEmailAddress($addr,$opts);


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