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Review posted by Empraxis on at

Every responsible developer needs this

This is the safest way to avoid email harvesters and other ne'er-do-wells, and Shotster's implementation is flawless—especially after I notified him of a small glitch. Within about an hour he'd fixed it and issued an update. Now that's customer service.
Review posted by cursal on at

Block out the emails

Very cool addon. I am using it with the Enhanced User List (EUL) by the same developer.
Works great together..EUL has code written in it already for the use of this addon.
Great product and excellent support.
Review posted by okapi on at

Very useful

This add-on is very easy to use as a block but also integrates nicely directly into a theme (see this thread how to achieve that: ). The author of this add-on is patiently answering all questions - great support! I definitely would recommend this addon.

Review posted by jleinbaugh on at

Almost exactly what I needed

Great way to protect email addresses from spambots. Simple interface to list an email in a block. Would like to find a way to have C5 encrypt any instance of an email (in content for example) but it's not too tedious to use this method.

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