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Enhanced User List


Versatile AJAX-driven paginated user lists offering filtering by groups and attributes, flexible sorting, innovative templates, and more.

Enhanced User List for Concrete5 provides a powerful and flexible way to display a sorted list of users from your Concrete5 database anywhere on your site. Simply select the users you wish to list along with the attributes you want to display. Due to the slick AJAX implementation, lists can be browsed without the need to reload the entire web page, thereby bringing your website and your site visitor experience into the 21st century.

If you've ever needed to list information about users on your system, you'll appreciate the convenience and flexibility this add-on provides.

Enhanced User List
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Features + Benefits

  • AJAX Driven

    Asynchronous (AJAX) implementation allows you to page through a user list without reloading the entire web page. You can even display and browse multiple user lists on a single page!

  • Filter Users by GroupNew

    List all users in, not in, or common to one or more groups. Group unions, exclusions, and intersections are supported!

  • Filter Users by Attribute

    Show only users matching criteria you define using any combination of attributes. Show only users who joined after a particular date, or whose birthday is this month. Or even list all users in a particular city who have avatars and whose email address ends in "org". You control which users are displayed!

  • Keyword Searching

    Enable website visitors to further refine a list by entering a search term. Since keyword searching leverages Concrete's built-in search functionality, you are in control of which attributes are searched.

  • Randomized Listing

    Greet site visitors with a brief profile of one or more users randomly selected from a "pre-filtered" list that you define. Each time the page is visited or refreshed, a new random listing is displayed. This feature is ideal for "meet a member" applications.

  • Made to Order

    Drag to arrange attributes in any order you choose. Sort users on one or two attributes. For instance, you could sort users by state, yet alphabetically by user name within each state. You can even sort by individual components of a compound attribute type, such as by the city of an address attribute!

  • User Lists Your Way

    Innovative client-side templates require no knowledge of PHP or JavaScript and allow complete control over the mark-up used to render the list. Create a custom view using only HTML, and style it with CSS for seamless integration into your theme. Great for designers!

  • Bonus FeatureWow!

    Bundle PricingBuilt-in support for the Encrypted E-Mail Address add-on! User email addresses will automatically be encrypted to provide protection from spammers if the Encrypted E-Mail Address add-on is installed on your system. This makes Enhanced User List perfect for displaying your organization's contact lists! (Without the Encrypted E-Mail Address add-on, you can still choose to display email addresses, but they will not be encrypted.)

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