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Review posted by Said on at

Productivity Booster ++++

Been using Entity Designer for just over a week now and its has saved me sooo much time.

If you are looking to increase your productivity, efficiency and fast turnaround for your projects (Small or Large) Entity Designer is definitely the way to go.

It offers, production ready code or if you are simply prototyping or putting together an MVP, Entity Designer is definitely worth considering, as it offers an all in one solution and due to its clean generated code, very easily customised to suit your needs.

The one thing I would like to see added are more fields (WYSIWIG/Redaktor, Address, Date), but am sure Fabian has them in his roadmap

Added with AWESOME support, definitely a winner in my book.

Thanks Fabian, Fantastic Add-On

Response by fabianbitter on at
Thank you very much Said for this nice review. The next thing on the Roadmap is a generate search provider feature. More fields are planned too.

You can select one of my addons for free as a gift.


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