Version History


  • Fixing bug with concrete5 8.5 backwards incompatibility


  • Added support for Apple Open Directory


  • Adding in basic SSO / Windows Authentication Support


  • API for SAML integration support


  • Fixed Sync on Email setting
  • Fixed Syncing with groups that had special characters in the names
  • Added support for the package to run when no LDAP Schema information is available


  • Added alternate username login ID


  • Added Automatic Directory Selection feature


  • Fixed Active Directory Defaults to set the directory type
  • Fixed bug where the ResultObject would not find attributes with upper case characters
  • Fixed bug where changing the base DN would cause the user remove/deactivate job to error on users not found
  • Fixed bug where asset localization would cause javascript errors due to combining/minifying assets
  • Fixes bug where users running PHP <5.4 would receive php fatal error on install, now descriptive error appears
  • Cleaning up LDAP objects


  • Improved performance of log in when group mappings exist with a large number of members for Active Directory
  • Fixed bug where users would not be removed from concrete5 group if LDAP security group was deleted


  • Fixed bug for Active Directory servers which had more than 1500 members in a single group
  • Added select2 to concrete5 group mapping
  • Group mapping dialog no longer closes on adding groups, allowing for easier bulk adding


  • Fixed new config options and jobs not being added on upgrade


  • Fixed bug which prevented existing users from syncing to their linked concrete5 account
  • Improved performance for group mapping for LDAP servers that don't support page controls
  • Added new job and settings for how to handle LDAP user deletions
  • Added an Ec Ldap channel to the concrete5 logger for logging ldap related events
  • Added event hooks to allow custom LDAP attributes to be synced
  • Lowered threshold for LDAP group mapping lookup to 1 character instead of 3
  • Added setting to restrict LDAP users to only login with LDAP
  • Added ability to specify LDAP server selection order random server selection
  • Fixed first server being dropped when multiple servers are added to a new directory


  • Fixed bug affecting add group mappings when type cache not initialized


  • Fixed bug affecting group mapping administration when URL rewrite is not enabled


  • Fixed bug for directories that don't support pagination
  • Improved memory usage on user sync job
  • Improved group mapping group add to use a type ahead lookup instead of simple select box


  • Initial release to the concrete5 PRB