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Review posted by jaredfolkins on at

Thanks so much

I work for a school district. We purchased this package to save on development time and it totally delivered.

We have very tight AD integration across our infrastructure so being able to map AD groups to C5 roles has been very helpful for supporting authorizations.

I also wrote a block on top of this package to allow our public to search our directory for Teachers and Staff contact info. This combined with some sort of captcha seems to keep everyone happy.

Thanks a lot,

1.1.1 -

Review posted by wbargent on at

Brilliant Plugin and Brilliant Support

- This plugin worked brilliantly,
- No issues setting it up,
- Very straight forward to use,
- Brilliant customer support,

The only issue I had was authenticating the couple of thousand users we had in groups on our AD environment. I contacted support and they worked on a solution the same day. The fix has now been implemented into the package.
Review posted by dmurphy on at

Works great!

We are currently implementing concrete5 as the platform for our school district's new website. This addon made it wicked easy to onboard our users and give them the proper permissions to pages based on their AD group membership.

I like that it has user-level filters so that we can prevent students from signing in to edit the site based on their location in our AD tree.


1.1.1 -

Review posted by campbell on at


Zero difficulties in setting it up. Works like a charm.

1.2.0 -

Review posted by thirtythree on at

Thank goodness I didn't have to make this.

LDAP is a complex beast, and there was no way I could have done such a good job.

This package solves many issues for us, and the group mapping feature really has taken our authentication processes to the next level.

Support is not instant (I was fishing for v8 support prior it's release so that was to be expected), but the guys have always got back to me with a few edge-case issues.

Good stuff.
Review posted by jolson on at

Perfect fit

Your add--on works perfectly for our organization. Easy to configure and performs flawlessly.


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