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Tomoac Form 5

This 'Tomoac Form 5' is an extension, Concrete5 is included with the form of block enhanced package.

This package has the features listed below.

  • English and Japanese supported.
  • In the Text Field, the maximum width of the field type you can specify the number of characters.
  • Classes in the Text field can be checked.
  • In the error message where you do, such as in particular.
  • Text fields, radio buttons, check boxes, list boxes to the right of the description you can get.
  • Each of the fields in the upper and lower description can.
  • Select a date from the calendar date field can be used.
  • E-mail-only field has that Double-check and check the email address of a string.
  • The format string and URL available with the checking function URL-only field that is dawn.
  • Click on the telephone numbers and skipe can start to put a link phone-only field that is.
  • File upload was supported multiple.(Version
  • Some field supported Placeholder.(Version
  • Country field with States/Province/Teritories field could use it.(Version
  • Before you send to the confirmation page to go out.
  • Complete content of the input on the page (in e-mail) to allow you to.
  • Return to the page to finish to the "Back" button.
  • A confirmation by e-mail reply.
  • Side-by-side and a submit to send emails to the template of the subject or body of the message can be registered.
  • The order form and send e-mail content that is to join the order.(Updated)


Sales have ended due to EOL

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