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Thanks for this plugin

Has everything we regular want from a search feature.
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Nice addon

Thanks for this add-on its great to be able to have a drop down of existing tags when searching.

Had a few issues, and am still sorting them out... I am not a programmer so not sure if it's my modifications or something else that's causing errors (ie only being able to search using one word).

[edit see for single word fix]
Response by 12345j on at
yeah, Ill push that one out in 1.1
Review posted by 12345j on at

Counter Review

calum never asked for support, and this plugin has been tested thoroughly. The jquery used is jquery ui, which is well supported and documented- any site that has an issue with it can't be that well built.
Review posted by calumk on at

Doesnt Work

For some reason AutoComplete doesnt work,
Javascript consol shows error corresponding to autocomplete method.

Actually breaks any javascript on the page, below the insertion point of the plugin...

In current state, Do Not Use.
Response by 12345j on at
Please post any issues that you might have in the support forum, where I can help you. The error is likely due to other javascript libaries being incompatible with the jquery ui autocomplete method. Reviews is not the place to post this, and I wish that you had asked before saying that a product that has been tested by multiple people and proven to work doesn't in fact work.

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