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Most settings for Extreme Clean can be configured through dashboard pages at Dashboard > System & Settings > Extreme Clean

Getting Started


The dashboard page  > Configure and Run Cleaners can be used to:

  1. Select a cleaner and run it interactively
  2. Select a cleaner and enable it for running with the Extreme Clean automated job

The last used settings are always saved and will apply to the next interactive clean and all future job runs.

Work through each cleaner in turn by selecting with Choose a cleaner, make the desired settings, then either Save Settings or Clean Now. Each cleaner has a checkbox that also makes the cleaner available to the Extreme Clean job. 

The section Global Options is common to all cleaners and the Extreme Clean job and governs the maximum number of steps that will be attempted when cleaning. This can have implications for running the Extreme Clean job through the dashboard Jobs page (see below).

Currently provided cleaners can be found at