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Review posted by maar on at

We bought, we tried and we succeded - Cool add-on

As we (Concrete5 Denmark) are building a lot of websites, we always thought that a clean new site is a good site. Now with extreme Clean we can accomplish just that. All old page versions, all the old log data that shows a lot of errors because we were building and all test users that is not used any more.
But especially the page versions was a concern. We just upgraded a site and at the same time we changed the theme. The site had 12 languages and by that we had a lot of old page versions (about 9000). With Extreme Clean we were able to clean all that old data - Very Cool.

7.0.2 -

Review posted by fabianbitter on at

5 stars

Great add-on!

7.0.9 -

Review posted by ntisithoj on at

At long last

The Extreme-clean add-on is one I have wanted for years. I had my own homegrown version, but unlike mine, Extreme Clean is, and so far, flawless. I had one issue with it, and the author pointed out some reasons why it may not be working properly due to my configuration, and indeed, he was right... so, support is great a well. Without question, this is a must-have add-on.
Review posted by shahroq on at

A must-have

Having my customers purchase a license of 'Extreme Clean' has long been my first step when starting to work on a website. Using this add-on, I recently cleaned up a customer website bloated by over than 45,000 old page versions without facing even a hiccup in the process. Considering the developer's experience and his close tie with the concrete5 community, you cannot expect otherwise. Do not hesitate to run it on your site every now and then If you care about its performance.

7.1.2 -

Review posted by libertymorningnews on at

I couldn't keep my site running effectively without this tool.

Prior to Extreme Clean, I was having a terrible time with only being able to delete a couple pages at a time with empty trash timeouts, "invisible" files in trash, and the automated default job of clean old versions wouldnt work properly. I had an absolute mess and fought it for weeks. After using Extreme Clean, I've removed hundreds of files and over 16,000 old page versions in less than a day. I am very pleased with this tool, that I now know that I couldn't proceed without. John, the developer is truly an asset to the concrete5 platform!

7.1.4 -

Review posted by AllisonFewtrell on at

Very pleased with Extreme Clean!

Really simple to use.
I particularly liked the option run it in 'safe mode' before you clean, to see what it's going to remove. There were thousands of old page versions and other bits and bobs of unused blocks on my site, that I hadn't realised were there. My database was half the size once the site had been cleaned, and was performing much better.
The developer is a long standing and active member of the Concrete5 community, and I have used other plug-ins he has developed, so I knew it would be worth getting.

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