EZ Paypal allows you to add a Paypal button to your page. There are three kinds of buttons to choose from:


  • Buy Now
  • Subscription
  • Donate


Item Name - The name of the product, service, or donation.


Base Price - The cost of product, service, or donation. Be sure to use the correct formatting, depending on the currency.


Payment Mode - Select the type of payment. Donations and Buy Now are one-time payments. Subscriptions are recurring.


Paypal Email - The email address where payment will be sent to. Must be associated with an active Paypal account.


Currency Code - Select the currency code for your country.


Checkout Target - To open the checkout page in a new window, select "Blank". Otherwise, "Self" will open in the same window.


Tooltip Text - Optional. Enter text if you wish to display a tooltip note upon hovering over button.


Button Label - Text to be displayed in button.


Button Style - Select the style of button. To customize, edit the "/css/jquery.classypaypal.css" file.


Checkout Page Style - Select "Paypal" to use the default view; select "Primary" to use the style that you marked as primary on your account profile.


Logo - Optional. Must be 150 x 50 pixels. Will be displayed on the Paypal checkout page, in place of your business name.



BUY NOW Options


If you trying to collect a one-time payment for a product or service, the "Buy Now" is the correct option. All additional settings are optional.


Discounts - "Flat Amount" discounts will deduct a specific amount from the Base Price (ex. enter 1.5 to take $1.50 off). "Rate" discounts offer a percentage-based deduction from the Base Price (ex. enter 3 to take 3% off).


Taxes - "Flat Amount" taxes will add a specific amount to the Base Price (ex. enter 0.99 to add $0.99 in taxes). "Rate" taxes add a percentage of the Base Price to the Base Price (ex. enter 7.5 to add 7.5% in taxes).


Shipping - Leave blank if you are not charging for shipping. Otherwise, enter a shipping cost. You can also charge an additional fee per item by entering a value for "Additional Cost".


Other Options - You can also allow users to enter their own quantity value, and allow them to leave a custom note.



Developer Resources / Credits

HTML Variables for PayPal Payments Standard
ClassyPaypal Jquery Plugin