Version History

1.0.0 - Initial release.
1.2.0 - Fancy Image Links has just turned into more than anticipated!!!
           UI updated to allow for changes
           Added no link option
           Added ability to link to file
           Added ability to link to page
           Added Lightbox size % or px
           Added Lightbox Overlay Color
1.2.1 - Changed default value of link_method to url_link to preserve previous blocks
1.2.2 - Added ability to open external link in new window
           Does not show lightbox setting unless enable lightbox is checked
1.2.8 - Fixed Page Link bug which prevented links from working for pretty urls were not enabled
           Changed File Like to get download url instead of relative url
           Added ability to add title to external link where lightbox was not enabled
1.3.1 - Cleaned up the controller and edit form
           Added ability to link to fileset
           Added ability to link to image
1.3.2 - Bug in saving fileset resolved
1.3.5 - Changed how fancybox was called
           Added ability to size with auto
           Fixed how captions were added to images and filesets
1.3.6 - Fixed No Link Bug
           Add CSS Class Option
1.3.7 - Fixed ie7 bug causing iframe to work incorrectly
1.3.8 - Updated controller for Fancy Box Script versioning thanks for the fix Jordan