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Fileset Portoflio

Fileset Portfolio is a custom templates for the addon "Page List". It allows you to display pages as elegant elements of portfolio, blog post, product familly, ...

With this new template, you can navigate through the thumbnails of a fileset or a single thumbnail and see a zoomed version when you hover over them. When clicked, the full image is shown using the Fancybox Plugin (optional).

A Complete Package ! Fileset Portfolio add to your instalation :

  • a personalized template to the addon "Page List" 
  • a single page to the dashboard to help you manage the display options
  • a new attribute that allows you to assign a fileset in a page, file or user


  • Display a Custom template for page_list addon (included in Concrete5)
  • Display for each page a optional : title (from page), description (from page), button with customizable text, image gallery and text below image
  • Image must be a gallery from a fileset (page with attribut 'folio_group') or a single image (page with attribut 'page_thumbnail')
  • Display arrow to navigate through gallery
  • a optional lightbox
  • Works with most browsers (tested on IE6+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari).
  • soft focus features.
  • degrades gracefully with Javascript turned off.
  • add a tint of any colour (including black or white) to the small image. The intensity of tint is fully customisable


A single page is added to your dashboard. Inside you can tune every options of the custom template. (look on the screenshots)

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