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Flash Video

Show FLV and H.264-encoded F4V, MP4 and M4V videos using the best video player for Concrete5


  • File Manager extensions for your videos
  • HTML5 for iOS support (H.264 videos only)
  • Full support for externally hosted video files
  • Aspect-ratio correct video resizing
  • Video smoothing
  • Seek, pause, play, volume, fullscreen, auto-play
  • Support for custom thumbnail images

The Flash Video add-on is an excellent way to host video content on your Concrete5 website. The add-on installs two additional options in the Concrete5 File Manager for your videos. Select a video file in the File Manager, then select "Open" to preview your video, or "Edit" to generate a thumbnail using any frame of the video you choose. The Flash Video add-on also installs a "Custom Thumbnail" attribute, which you can use to attach your own thumbnail graphic.

To add video which is not hosted in Concrete, create a *.txt file with the URL for the video you wish to display. Upload it to the File Manager, then use the "Custom Thumbnail" attribute, and select it when you create a new Flash Video block, just like you would an ordinary video.

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License Terms

Concrete5 add-ons are licensed on a per-site basis. That means you need to purchase add-ons multiple times before you can use them on multiple sites.

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Version History

Version 1.8.0: Removed the "External Flash Video" block, but added support for text files instead. Added support for the new "Custom Thumbnail" attribute

Version 1.7.2: Added support for three new settings: "alwaysHideControls", "alwaysShowControls" and "showTimeCode". These are currently only available from custom templates

Version 1.7:
Added HTML5 video support for certain H.264-capable devices

Version 1.6: Added support for Concrete 5.4, greatly improved thumbnail process, improved the "Popup" template

Version 1.4: Created a new "External Flash Video" block, which works similar to the original Flash Video block, but it accepts a custom URL as a string. This should accommodate instances where you need to embed video which is hosted on another one of your servers.

Version 1.3: Added volume control

Version 1.2: Two new templates, "Popup" and "Wmode Opaque" have been added. The Popup template opens your video using a jQuery dialog box rather than showing the player on the page. The Wmode Opaque template is useful when you're having HTML stacking problems. It reduces performance but lets you overlay popups, drop-downs or other content over the player.

Version 1.1: Added the "Export Poster Frame" feature. You can see a live preview of your video and generate a JPG poster frame whenever you like. Since the first frame of your video is shown in the player by default, this is great for previewing a frame that's later in your video.



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