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This is a wonderful add-on. So much cleaner and flexible than a certain other approach whose initials are YT. Yes, you may have to pay a little to host video on another server, but the results are worth it -- much more "professional" looking. I love how you can quickly resize to fit whatever space you're working with. Thanks!
Review posted by nourishu on at

Great work eylon!

Your add-on works beautifully and is making it so easy to put videos on my website. Thanks a million!!! Definitely money well spent!
Review posted by arlienorwood on at

Awsome support

I had previously posted about 5.3 compatibility issues. Just wanted to post up a big thank you to Joshua for responding and getting me hooked up with the version I needed. Great support!
Review posted by arlienorwood on at

Requires 5.4.... not 5.3

Minimum Required Version is listed as 5.3. After purchasing and downloading, got an error installing stating that this requires at least 5.4. I'm running dang. Cant really give it any stars if I cant use it. Looks exactly like what I need though.
Response by elyon on at
As an add-on developer, lets me upload multiple versions of an add-on, based on version compatibility. The site didn't provide arlienorwood with the version he needed, so I contacted him directly and sent him a version which was compatible with 5.3. You can see his follow-up review above
Review posted by drbiskit on at


This is a great add-on. Highly recommended for anyone who wants a nice, slick looking, efficient video player for use with c5.

Works beautifully out of the box. Good work.
Review posted by hursey013 on at

Thank you!

Great add-on, works exactly as described, much more flexible than the default player included with Concrete. Excellent and timely support from the author as well! Thank you.
Review posted by myFullFlavour on at

Clean & tidy way to add a video to a website

This works exactly as described!

Thanks, can get rid of those horrible FlowPlayer graphics....
Review posted by olacom on at

Very nice!

Very nice!
Review posted by colin4255 on at

Flash Video by Eylon

I have been looking for a proper solution to placing several video files on one page and have none of them autostart until a user clicks on them.

This block produced by eylon works brilliantly! Very easy to implement, customisable sizing, even an image you can place in front of the stopped video befire it runs.

One word to describe this - outstanding!

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