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Have a client who wants a font resize adding to his site, problem is the site is finished and has around 50 pages. I stumbled across this block which is great and wanted to hardcode it to the themes header file. I have done this by setting it up as a Scrapbook and adding this to my header.php

$block = Block::getByName('fontscale548');

The graphic show up but it doesn't resize the text, if I add a new editable area to my header and add it as a block it works fine but obviously this would mean going through adding it to ever page which is a pain!!

Is there any way to hardcode it into the header.php?

Thanks in advance

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LucasAnderson replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Actually, adding it to every page is easy. Add your new area into the header and then login to your Dashboard. Go to Pages & Themes, and then go to Page Types. Click on the Defaults button and set the block where it needs to be on this master template. Once it's placed, click on the block, select "Setup on Child Pages", check all your pages and the block will show up on them. It's a handy trick for adding global content after the site is built.

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