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Review posted by MrNiceGaius on at

Great Utility

Does what it says and does it well. Now I can set up the site tree the way it was designed and restrict how many sub levels can be created.

Makes it really easy to add new documents from the front end successively, normally you have to navigate back to the parent page before adding a page, but now, when the parent page has the "Force Single Sublevel" custom attribute checked I can add pages one after the other and all stay 1 level below the parent... no more accidental 2nd level nested child pages.
Review posted by TheRealSean on at

Works Great thanks

Great for when clients try to add pages to the wrong page. Ie Blog pages

Big thanks to Jordan who has put out some great addons for concrete and this is another one that does not disappoint
Review posted by warpol on at

Works well for adding pages in the same directory

This block works real smooth, exactly as you'd expect. Simply add the attribute to the parent and sit back. Great work Jordan.
Review posted by stevedoetsch on at

Makes adding pages more intuitive

This sweet little utility makes adding pages much more intuitive for my clients.

Thanks jordanlev!

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