Fatal error after upgrade to C5 v5.6.0.2

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Hi Jon.
Hows compaibility of 2.1 with v5.6.0.2?
I upgraded to v5.6.0.2 from v5.5.2.1 and started getting the folowing error :-
"Fatal error: Call to a member function getAttribute() on a non-object in /var/www/www.sitename.net/htdocs/packages/jbx_force_ssl/models/jbx_force_ssl.php on line 28", and the same on line 39 which seems to suggest that the statement $pageObj->getAttribute('jbx_force_ssl') is failing.
Funny thing is the site works fine when viewing logged into concrete.
Any ideas?

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jbx replied on at Permalink Reply
The compatibility is just fine, however, as you have noticed, there are a number of users reporting issues after upgrading. The problem turned out to be a corrupt page cache that I wasn't handling.

I've now updated the add-on to deal with this issue and also added a nice new dashboard page. If you upgrade to V2.4, then issue will be fixed.



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