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After upgrading to Force SSL is not working at all.

On the client side there is no SSL coming up. In fact on pages that I have set to force SSL if I manually type in it redirects to http.

When logged in as a non admin user it is the same thing.

When logged in as content user or admin, the pages do go to https automatically.

This is urgent as it affects secure payment and content pages!

Has anyone been able to fix this?

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sfarrow replied on at Permalink Reply
A quick update... even after uninstalling Force SSL I can not get a page to stay in https when not logged in as an admin.

It never used to do this and I have not made any other changes besides the upgrade to
jbx replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there, really difficult to help without a URL and some environment info. Could you add those in please? Also, if you could PM me your admin login, I'll go take a look and see if I can help to figure out what's going on.

Not had this issue reported before...


sfarrow replied on at Permalink Reply
I sent you a PM.

Ok so to make things more confusing... it turns out to only be an issue on a mac. Now that I am at a different location with access to a PC it shows as secure, and is definitely SSL. Never had that issue.

On the Mac when I go to another site on the same server with an older version of concrete 5 it does go secure.

Also goes secure on non concrete 5 hosted pages.

TNTdesign replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm having a similar issue where when going to HTTPS:// it redirects back to HTTP://. Even if I just type in HTTPS:// it changes it back to HTTP://

Was this ever resolved?
dilio replied on at Permalink Reply
I just installed it, and I am using version (currently latest).
It works perfectly. To activate it visit the page to which you wish to apply SSL, click Properties > Custom Attributes, scroll down to 'Other' and you find 'Force SSL' there, if you have installed it. Then click Force SSL - and it will be crossed out (!), but in this case, it means the opposite! In the right column, under the heading 'SELECTED ATTRIBUTES' you can now tick the option 'Force SSL.'

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