Creating automatic form replies

After installing the package, you will notice in the dashboard below conversations 2 new pages:
- Form Reply Settings
- Form Reply Mails


This package overrides the core form block controller so be positive to download the correct version for your C5 installation. Supported versions are at this time:,, and
Also, a custom event is created and fired after each form submission named 'on_form_submission'.

Each form should have a unique name to easely setup the auto reply mails. This is not mandatory however a form with the same name twice will be hard to distinguish when creating the auto reply mail.

The form reply settings

The form settings are the place where the standard from mail, from name, subject, header, content after the header, content before the footer and footer are defined.

Header and footer are a bunch of tables which ensure a nice preview on every device.

Auto reply top content and Auto reply bottom content are the standard text or images you would like to load when setting up an auto reply mail for a certain form.
Usually this will be the logo of the website centered in the top content, and some contact details in the bottom content (also centered).


Form reply mails

First you will see a select box where all form names on the website are listed that are eligible to send a reply mail.
Important: The form block must have 1 e-mail input type with the 'reply to this e-mail address' checkbox checked. If this requirement is not met, the form will not be listed.

Select the form where an auto reply is appropriate.

After selecting a form, you will see these options:
- From Name
- From E-mail
- Mail subject
- Form Auto reply

Form Name, From E-mail and Mail subject are pretty obvious.

The Form auto reply WYSIWYG is a bit special.
By default it loads the standard header, content after the header, content before the footer and footer defined in the form settings page.
You can add text, tables, images, etc...
If you want to add a variable from within the form submission, this is also possible by setting the form question between percentage signs.

We've provided a link where you can see the available fields for the selected form.

Good luck !