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It would be a huge plus if it was possible to have default values for 'name', 'from' and 'subject'. Just like the default message that is already possible. And a default yes or no to append a reply mail to a newly created form.

For now i have to explain to my client that after creating a new form, they have to look up the form in auto reply mail, click it and fill in the values for the form. The expect this to be filled in, when a default value for the reply itself exists.

Is this a possibility?

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abcitweb replied on at Permalink Reply
- Default value from name and email
Yes, this is possible and might be implemented in a new version but we haven't set a date for a new version.

- Checkbox on form-edit block
This would require a significant override of the standard form block.
Each new C5 version requires a new version of the add-on which is why we try to keep the core overrides to a minimum.
If no form reply mail is set in the back-end, then no mail will be send.

The idea of the default values is prefill an auto reply form with a standard header and footer. However each submission mail content should be different.
buurvrouw replied on at Permalink Reply
Ah that would be great in a new version.

For now it's so great already to have the possibility of an auto reply. Thank you for making this free add-on!
abcitweb replied on at Permalink Reply
I have just uploaded version 1.0.3 . The settings are updated with standard from mail, from name and subject .

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