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We are trying to cut down the number of forms required on a site so is it be possible to capture the referring page name in a hidden field which will be visible in the resulting email notification?

We are currently updating a website with a licence to v9 and I see you have an upgrade option. Can I use this upgrade licence in development before we switch over to the new v9 server in September?

Thanks for your help.

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DeWebmakers replied on at Permalink Reply

Yes, it is... It's also saved by default in the result itself.
But you can always put it in a hidden field.

The update-offer is for people who bought v8 and want to use v9. It's basiclly a new version of v9 for a reduced price. Every V9 has a "conversion"-tool. You only need to uninstall v8 version, keep the data while uninstalling. Then update and install v9. On installation it will notice V8 data and will ask you if you want to convert...
Make sure to backup first! :)



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