Does Formidable capture User IP, etc.

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An older version of Formidable states that it

"Captures sender details (Page, IP, User, Time, Browser, Platform, Screenresolution)"

does this version also capture this information?

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DK3 replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes it does.

jfhencken replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you for your prompt response. Your positive response opens up a few more questions.

Do the instructions on how to capture, reference and store the IP address reside in the product itself or do you have product instructions online? I can't find mention of this in the "Help" section on the product page.

Also, will I be able to monitor text fields for inappropriate words or phrases and if found reject the form before it is saved?

Thanks for your feedback on these issues.

DeWebmakers replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi John,

There are no instrucructions needed for capturing the data like IP and so on. You can disable it within the form itself. There is a GDPR-option that allows you to disable that. I haven't updated the help / documentation for quite a while, so you are right... There is no documentation about that feature...

The fields (text or textarea) aren't validated on inappropriate words. That would be a nice feature though... I'll put this on the list.



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