Formidable Form - Export to CSV empty and trying to update a form property (send email area) will not save new settings

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I have an urgent need for a report to be exported on a form with almost 200 entries with a deadline of tomorrow. Up until today the block would export a CSV file without a problem for me. Tonight anything I try to export is empty. Attached screenshot and sample of the CSV I received.

In addition, I created a new form, but when I try to edit layout or properties on that form, it will not save the new setting. I have tried many different ways to come up with a workaround and it simply will not save anything. Screenshots of where I am working attached re: dependency - added, saved, went back to add another and it is non-existent.


Also (I see there is an update but my pro version is very new also.) I am very hesitant to upgrade until after this event is over that I need a report for.

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