Integer field is broken

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An old client pointed out that the integer field was not working.
So there is some faulty logic in the generateInput method of Concrete\Package\FormidableFull\Src\Formidable\Element\Integer

When the user wants to configure a min and max value on the field this will be applied.
if ($this->getPropertyValue('min_max_type') == 'value') {
    $attribs['min'] = strlen($this->getPropertyValue('min_value'));
    $attribs['max'] = strlen($this->getPropertyValue('min_value')) - $attribs['min'];

Lets say the user gave in min 1 and max 10
min = 1 because the string length = 1 ???? Not because the integer is 1.
So if the user configures min 9, min is still 1? Why?
When min = 1 max is 1 (length of the string) minus 1 (the length of the string)?
So max is always 0??
Wouldn't it make more sense to do:
$attribs['min'] = (int) $this->getPropertyValue('min_value');
$attribs['max'] = ((int) $this->getPropertyValue('max_value') > $attribs['min']) ? (int) $this->getPropertyValue('max_value') : $attribs['min'] + 1;

When the user wants to configure a min and max number of characters this will be applied.
elseif ($this->getPropertyValue('min_max_type') == 'chars') {
   $attribs['min'] = intval($this->getPropertyValue('min_value'));
   $attribs['max'] = intval($this->getPropertyValue('min_value'));
        if (!empty($attribs['max'])) $attribs['max'] = str_repeat('9', $attribs['max']);

Lets say the user gave in min 1 and max 10.
Min should be 0(or -9?), and max should be 9.999.999.999
But here min will be 1(intval 1)
Max will be at first 1 (intval 1). Why again the intval of the min_value???
But then max will be changed to 9 (1(intval min value) repetitions of 9)

Wouldn't it make more sense to do:
$attribs['min'] = $attribs['min'] = (int) $this->getPropertyValue('min_value') === 1 ? 0 : (10 ** (int) $this->getPropertyValue('min_value')) - 1;
$attribs['max'] = str_repeat('9', (int) $this->getPropertyValue('max_value'));
$attribs['max'] = ($attribs['min'] < $attribs['max']) ? $attribs['max'] :  str_repeat('9', strlen($attribs['min']));

I expected to find support tickets around this problem, but there are none. Is no one using the field?

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DeWebmakers replied on at Permalink Reply

Just checked..
You are right. There is something weird happing there...

I will change this to the following:

If "value" is selected. The min and max-value will be as filled in.
When "chars" is selected the min value will be the min value with that char length. So if 1 is entered the min value will be 0. When 2 is entered it will be 10 and so on...
For the max it will be max value with that string length. So if 5 is entered, max value is 99999.

Thanks for helping!

I'll update the addon asap.



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mbstring.regex_stack_limit - 100000
mysqli.max_links - Unlimited
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pcre.backtrack_limit - 1000000
pcre.recursion_limit - 100000
redis.pconnect.connection_limit - 0
session.cache_limiter - <i>no value</i>
session.gc_maxlifetime - 7200
soap.wsdl_cache_limit - 5
xdebug.max_nesting_level - 256
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